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David Lynch reads A Slice of Cherry Pie

When Jared Leising, whose work appears in A Slice of Cherry Pie, met David Lynch during his January 2006 visit to Seattle, Jared got close enough to give him a copy of our little chap for him to keep!

"[He] hadn't heard of it and was excited to read it (and said something like, "wowee bob")," Jared said.

Jared's poem from the chapbook has also received a Work of the Day nod from Dan Wickett of the Emerging Writers Network, who writes that 'Diane Dreams of Dale's Voice'...

" well though, these combinations, creating a very Lynchian feeling to the words.

It's an interesting little collection — especially if you are a fan of the work of David Lynch."

Jared Leising read his poems at the Seattle Poetry Festival, where he had copies of both his chapbook, plus a limited number of A Slice of Cherry Pies.